When your aim is endurance, I bet your thought is to train to improve the amount of work that you can do when you're tired. 
I want to turn that around and instead focus on improving how much work you can do before you get tired.
Aerobic capacity lays the foundation for sustained activity and specific training to raise your anaerobic threshold is the secret to your running success.
And this is what raising your anaerobic threshold is - raising the level of work that you can do before fatigue sets in and speed, decision making and skill level decreases.
By decreasing your resting heart rate, increasing your anaerobic threshold, widening your aerobic window and improving your recovery rate between bouts of high end sprinting, you'll not only run all day but you'll be running over the grass well after your opponent has been broken.
By the end of this program you should see excellent improvement in your testing time.
Cost: $15

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