In the Women's Player's Section you'll find links to 2 area's:

1 - Long Term Yearly Plans

2 - Specialty Training Programs

The long term plans are weekly layouts for 12, 9 and 6 month training plans. The 12 month entails all training periods from off-season starting October through to Finals action in September, the 9 month starts from pre-season in November through to finals in September etc.

Each program lays out every aspect of your training outside of team training so when pre-season team training starts, all Aussie Rules Training is to be performed outside of that, or in some cases on the same day.

The Aussie Rules Training programs focuses on the aspects of training that you miss out on at team training.

The specialty programs follow the mantra of "1 Problem, 1 Solution" where each fitness trait or strength quality is focused on specifically using a number of 2 - 3 week training programs to develop specific strength, power, speed etc.

There are program levels that enable you to train at the right intensity and volume for you to gain the most benefits from.